Places In Your Yard Where Mosquitoes Can Breed

Mosquitoes are brazen in every sense of the word. They will plunge their proboscis into adults, children and pets. When it's time for these blood-thirsty insects to breed, did you know that they will go wherever there's water? It's true: Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in a small, wet bottle cap.

Things in Your Yard

Do you own birdbaths? Such things collect more than enough water to serve as breeding grounds. What makes them so ideal is the fact that they provide an adequate degree of shade, and they are rarely disturbed when birds aren't present. Spare tires are equally appealing to mosquitoes because they hold not only standing water but also decaying leaves. To reclaim your yard from these insects, it's imperative that you disrupt their lives.

The secret is to do a little maintenance on the birdbaths. Eggs take at least 10 days to fully mature, so you should fill them up with fresh water every five days. If you don't plan on using those spare tires, consider storing them in a location where they can stay dry.

Things in Your Area

Is there a pond near your home? Although this pool of water is beautiful and elegant, it's a huge invitation to mosquitoes. You have to understand that mosquitoes stay on the lookout for new territory. In their tiny eyes, ponds are a safe haven, so don't be shocked when you spot them swarming in the area. They are probably about to settle down to breed. Thankfully, you can obstruct their plans by adding fishes to the pond. Guppies and goldfishes don't hesitate to eat the larvae of mosquitoes. Also, you can install a waterfall because it will stir up the water and prevent the adult females from depositing their eggs.

How many empty containers and buckets are lined up on the side of your home? Beware that each one of these things is prone to become a site for mosquito families. The standing water in buckets lures in pregnant mosquitoes because it's smelly, somewhat protected and easily accessible.

Things on Your Home

Unfortunately, your home teems with components that are suitable for these insects. Gutters, pipes, wading pools and even flower pots can support the tiny eggs that mosquitoes lay. That's why it would be in your best interest to tidy up your home's exterior after a rainy day. Getting rid of every source of standing water is going to be a tall order, but this will certainly make a noticeable difference. Alternatively, you can leave the mosquitoes alone, and let a professional pest exterminator deal with them. Contact Accel Pest and Termite Control and let our pest professionals help address your needs and concerns.