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Bloodsucking pests like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas can take the joy out of life very quickly. Even a peaceful town like Mechanicsville isn't immune to pests, but we help homeowners take control. Whether these insects are pestering you inside or outdoors, our professionals will handle the problem.


Irritating mosquito bites aren't welcome, but residents have new reasons to fear these bloodsucking pests. Mosquitoes are a growing concern in Mechanicsville because they carry numerous diseases. Public health officials say that most bites today come from the Asian tiger mosquito, which is an invasive species. Mosquitoes in the area can transmit several types of encephalitis as well as West Nile and Zika viruses. Luckily, populations can be controlled with localized treatments that target adults, eggs and larvae. Additional efforts, such as removing standing water, can reduce populations by making the environment less hospitable.


No one is safe from tick bites or the diseases that these arthropods carry. Three of the most common and troublesome species found in eastern Virginia are the deer tick, the dog tick and the lone star tick. Nymphs, larvae and adults need blood to survive. Immature seed ticks can pick up infections, such as Lyme disease, and pass them on as adults. Ticks also transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis and ehrlichiosis. Lone star ticks, which have a distinctive white dot on their backs, carry a new disease that causes a severe allergic reaction to red meat. Pets and people are at risk for blood-borne diseases caused by tick bites.


Although there are more than 2,000 recognized flea species around the world, the cat flea is the most problematic. These parasites measure about one-sixteenth of an inch long. They move very quickly and are agile jumpers. Pets are vulnerable to infestations, but fleas will bite humans and other mammals too. Telltale scratching among dogs and cats can turn into a big problem very quickly. A professor of veterinary medicine at Cornell University explained how fleas multiply exponentially. One female flea can lay 20 eggs per day. If half of them are female, the population will reach 20,000 in two months. A single pet can harbor thousands of these parasites and turn your home into a flea circus.

If you've been battling pests, our team is ready for action. We provide pest control services to customers in Mechanicsville and the Chesapeake Bay region. Accel Pest and Termite Control is certified by the National Pest Management Association, the Virginia Pest Management Association and other industry groups. We are dedicated to protecting local homes from troublesome pests. Contact our office in Richmond to request a free quote.

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5-star Reviews
  • Excellent service!

    Tim is a great employee!! Very informative, professional, and great work . Highly recommend this company after our first service.

    - Liz M
  • Accel did a great job treating our house along with having on-time and friendly customer experience

    I really enjoyed my experience with Accel. The initial review of our house and follow up service call were timely and professional. Specially, the our service tech., Tim Jackson, was very knowledgeable and friendly to my family while he was treating our house. Thank you for the great customer experience.

    - Devon Heath
  • Exceptional Service

    I highly recommend this company! They have given more than 5 star service! The sales person and technichian David and Brandon explained everything in detail. I would use them for any pest control needs.

    - Regina