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The town of Smithfield is known for its historic architecture and seaside charm. Many locals appreciate the area's delightful scenery. It also features a desirable climate with mild temperatures, frequent sunshine and little snow. Although Smithfield provides a largely idyllic place to live, several dangerous pests remain common in this part of Virginia. They range from small mammals to venomous arachnids.


Mice and rats typically have short fur and hairless tails. Indoor rodents build nests in a variety of locations, such as attics and cardboard boxes. These animals spread bacteria and feces throughout the structures that they infest. Rodents also damage building materials, gnaw on wires and contaminate food in cupboards.

The Norway rat was the only prevalent species in the Smithfield area until recently. However, WTKR-TV reports that roof rats became widespread by 2013. These brown or black rodents have the ability to run and climb very swiftly. During the winter, they often infiltrate homes by squeezing through tiny holes. Both rat species carry ticks and other disease-spreading parasites.


Another dark, hairy pest compensates for its small size with dangerous venom. The most harmful species in Virginia include the brown recluse and black widow. A recluse spider has six eyes and a marking that resembles a violin or fiddle. Anyone can identify the black widow by looking for a red hourglass on its abdomen.

Unlike some pests, spiders don't intend to invade homes or prey on humans. They usually only attack when people inadvertently touch them. Nonetheless, their bites may trigger severe pain, nausea, cramps or fever. The presence of arachnids can cause nervousness and stress as well. Spiders also build webs that become littered with unsightly droppings and dead insects.

Bed Bugs

Like fleas and ticks, the bedbug prefers to gain sustenance from the blood of various mammals. It often enters buildings when people buy or rent used furniture. The tenacious pest also travels by infesting luggage in motel rooms. It frequently feeds at night and hides in tiny crevices during the day. This vampire-like insect has the potential to stay alive for 12 months with no food.

Bedbug infestations quickly lead to serious problems for home and business owners. When it bites, this pest produces itchy bumps and may trigger an allergic reaction. People often feel reluctant to visit infested buildings or purchase goods from their occupants. These wingless insects also create cleaning nightmares by staining furniture and sheets with blood.

If rodents, spiders or bedbugs have invaded your property, it's vital to promptly contact a pest control professional. This will ensure that the infestation is eliminated before it becomes severe or spreads elsewhere. Accel Pest and Termite Control provides Smithfield residents with fast, effective services at fair rates. To learn more, please dial 757-353-4475 or complete our free quote form.

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