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5 Rodent Prevention Tips

7 Jul 2023 in Rodents

It can be surprising and chilling to see a mouse or rat scurry through your home. Rodents carry bacteria that spread diseases and contaminate food sources. Unfortunately, they’re common pests and can get into buildings through the smallest cracks and openings. However, the good news is that Accel Pest and Termite Control can provide several tips to prevent them from invading your personal space. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews!

Remove Conditions That Attract Rodents

Mice and rats are attracted to sources of food, water and shelter. You might not even realize that elements of your lawn and home are attractive to them. Removing these attractants will keep rodents away.

One of the biggest issues is accessible trash because many items in it are food for rodents. The smell of it attracts them to your property, and they can jump 1 to 2 feet high to get inside. Keep trash in metal or plastic trash cans with tightly closed lids.

Outdoor grills and cooking areas can be food sources too. Keep these clean. Bird feeders are another attractant, so keep them a safe distance away.

Having objects in your yard provides shelter for rodents. These include construction materials, firewood and junk piles. Some rats even dig tunnels under these objects to establish burrows. You should move these items at least 20 feet away from your home.

Overgrown vegetation also makes rodents feel safe near your home. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy can prevent this. In addition, rodents like to seek shelter near water sources. Avoid letting water pool around your property, and keep bird baths away from your house.

Eliminate Potential Indoor Food Sources

Keeping the inside of your home clean is just as important. This involves washing dishes and cleaning up spilled food right away. Put foods such as snacks and cereals in metal or thick plastic containers with tight lids. Always put away pet food and animal feed, and don’t leave pet or animal food out overnight.

Indoor food waste can be a problem as well, so use rodent-proof containers. Also, clean these containers with soap and water.

Seal Entry Points Inside and Outside of Your Home

It’s possible for mice to squeeze through nickel-sized holes and rats to squeeze through half-dollar-sized holes. Deter them from entering your home by sealing all of these gaps inside and outside of your property. Some possible areas include:

  • under cabinets
  • behind large appliances
  • corners of closets
  • around doors and windows
  • basements, crawl spaces, and attics
  • among eaves, gables, and rafters
  • around plumbing, electrical, gas, and cable line holes

Set Up Rodent Traps

Assemble traps to eliminate any rodents already in your house and to prevent more from entering. Mouse and rat traps are different, so read the instructions carefully when you set them up. A pea-sized amount of peanut butter makes for good bait. Then, place the bait end next to the walls near the entry points because rodents prefer to run along walls and other objects.

Get a Pest Inspection

Even when you take the above steps to prevent rodents, it’s possible to miss something. The only way to be sure that mice and rats aren’t living with you is to have an expert inspect your property. Accel Pest and Termite Control checks every nook and cranny of your home and lawn for entry points, damage and nesting areas. Whether you are in Richmond or another town, we can provide more specific rodent prevention and control tips for your needs, too. Take a look at our service area today and see if we can help!