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Pest Control Services in Akron, OH

Though often overlooked, Akron is a city with a unique and interesting history, gorgeous parks, and a lively community. With the Akron Zoo and Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens nearby, there’s fun to be found for residents of all ages. Among the city’s iconic eateries are Luigi’s Pizza and Cilantro Thai.

While nearly 200,000 residents call Akron home, pests are also frequent residents of homes, apartments, and businesses. When you find your home overrun with rodents, roaches, or other pests, Accel’s pest control services in Akron can give you relief. Our Akron pest control professionals start with a careful evaluation of your home or business. We then apply specialized treatments to remove pests at the source. 

Akron Pest Control and Pest Management

We offer comprehensive pest control services in Akron, offering removal and control services for just about any pest you can name, from bed bugs to termites. Whether you need roach control in Ellet or termite control in Goodyear Heights, you can count on us.

Accel offers Akron pest control services in many local communities, such as:

  • Firestone Park
  • Kenmore
  • Highland Square
  • West Akron
  • Wallhaven
  • And more!

Akron Rodent Control

Rodents like rats, mice, and voles can easily make themselves comfortable in your home, especially in the wintertime. These scurrying pests can cause damage to wooden structures like door frames, baseboards, and your furniture. On top of property damage, mice and rats are known to carry bacteria and diseases. If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, don’t face it alone. Accel is here to help with reliable rodent control in Akron. 

Roach Exterminator Services Near Goodyear Heights

Cockroaches are common visitors to homes, apartments, and businesses. They are known to enter homes and quickly multiply, all while hiding out of sight. That’s why, if you’ve seen one roach, there are probably many more nearby. Accel’s roach control in Akron can help you get your roach infestation under control with professional exterminator services.

Spider Control Near Ellet

While most Ohio spiders aren’t venomous or harmful to humans, they can be a scary sight nonetheless. If you keep seeing eight-legged visitors around your home, you need effective Akron spider control from Accel. From jumping spiders to garden spiders to orb weavers, our technicians are trained to handle them all. 

Mosquito Control in Ohio

Akron summers can be surprisingly hot and humid, given that its winters are pretty chilly. While the warm weather is great for getting out and enjoying the local parks, it can also bring mosquitoes. Not only do mosquitoes cause itchy bites, but they can also carry diseases like malaria and the West Nile virus. With our mosquito control in Akron, you can enjoy your yard again.

Ant Control Services Near You

Ants often invade homes looking for crumbs to carry back to their colonies. While a single scavenger ant doesn’t necessarily point to a whole infestation, if you see a concentrated area of ants, you might be dealing with an infestation. Get help removing these tiny yet mighty pests with Accel’s ant control in Akron. 

Wasp Nest Removal for Your Akron Home

Spotting a wasp nest on your lawn can quickly put a stop to backyard barbecues and other outdoor escapades. With Accel’s wasp nest removal services in Akron, you can enjoy your yard again without worrying about aggressive stinging insects.

Termite Control in the Akron, OH, Area

If you’ve noticed damage to wooden elements of your home, such as floorboards and wooden porches, you may be dealing with a termite infestation. Accel offers Akron termite control so you can stop these destructive pests from doing more damage to your home. 

Other General Pest Control Services

We offer comprehensive pest control services, offering solutions for several different pests. Along with the pests we’ve addressed above, Accel also offers flea and tick control, bed bug control, and even attic insulation services in Akron. If you’re wondering if we can handle a pest not mentioned on this page, feel free to give us a call

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