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Pest Control Services in Yorktown, VA

Along the York River north of Newport News, Yorktown is a treasure trove of American and military history. With fascinating sights and attractions such as the Yorktown Battlefield and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, you’ll never grow bored of this town. However, pests also never grow bored of Yorktown and are constantly eager to infest your home and business.

When you need the best pest control services in Yorktown, VA, look no further than Accel Pest and Termite Control. Since 1999, our team of technicians and exterminators have removed and prevented pests from entering homes and businesses in Yorktown and beyond. From bed bugs and termites to rodents, ants, and more, our pest treatments give you the results you need.

Yorktown Pest Control and Pest Management

By turning to Accel Pest for your pest control needs, you’re getting the best treatments Yorktown has to offer. Don’t take our word for it. We’re QualityPro accredited for our residential and commercial pest control services. After all, your home and business should be your pride and joy and not a hideaway for any unwanted visitors.

Termite Control in Yorktown

Aggressive and destructive, there are a wide variety of termites, including subterranean termites, eager to eat away at your home’s foundation and frame. However, with Accel Pest’s termite control services in Yorktown, VA, you can regain control of your home or business and prevent future infestations from plaguing your property.

Ant Control in Yorktown

Seeing an ant colony make their base in your home can be distressing, especially when home remedies don’t provide the results you need. It’s all the more dangerous if you have a case of fire ants, which can deliver a nasty bite. For the best and most effective ant control services in Yorktown, VA, turn to Accel Pest today.

Bed Bug Control in Yorktown

Lying down for a good night’s sleep should be a time of relaxation. It shouldn’t become a war between you and an infestation of bed bugs. Since it’s nearly impossible to remove a bed bug infestation alone, the best solution is to go to the pros at Accel Pest. Our bed bug control services offer effective and preventive treatments to block bed bugs from entering your property.

Roach Exterminator Services Near Yorktown

If you see a cockroach in plain sight, there’s no need to panic! That’s because the best roach extermination and control services in Yorktown, VA, are available at Accel Pest. By closing off entry points and utilizing high-end equipment to eradicate your current infestation, our team is on the job to remove and prevent future cockroach problems.

Rodent Control Near Yorktown

Rodents are more than a frightening sight in your home or business. They’re infamous carriers of disease and are a nightmare to remove alone. Don’t let their presence disturb the peace on your property, and choose Accel Pest for rodent control in Yorktown, VA. Our team of technicians will get to the root of your rodent problem and kick them out so you can get back to normal life.

Contact Accel Pest and Termite Control for Your Pest Problems

At Accel Pest, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pest control services in and around the Yorktown, VA, area. Don’t wait until your pest problem gets worse. Schedule your appointment today. To do so, call our team or contact us online now!