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Are Spiders As Dangerous As We Think?

20 Sep 2020 in Spiders

Spiders have gotten a bad rep because of creepy crawlies, eight-legged freaks, nightmare fuel, or whatever you call them. Despite our fear of spiders, we need to sit down and think if these fears are justified. To clear up any concerts, no, a spider is not writing this blog, but here are some ways we might rethink what we know about spiders.

Spiders: More Bark Than Bite

Many are concerned about spiders’ reputation for having some venomous bites and the stories of dangerous spiders that can kill with one bite! While there are many types of spiders, in general, most spiders try to keep away from humans! The old adage is true; spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them, despite how you may feel.

In most instances, spiders will only bite humans if they feel threatened. How do we know a spider feels threatened? Well, if you are to swat at their web or get too close, a spider will want to keep some personal space. So when you see a spider, ignore the little guy, and it will ignore you like an ideal roommate.

What About Black Widows?

People tend to get scared at the idea of giant venomous spiders that have plagued their thoughts, like black widow spiders. Fortunately for you, black widow spiders tend to live near vineyards and other areas with high concentrations of insects. If you manage to find a black widow in your home, again, try to avoid encroaching in the spider’s space, and often the spider will try to leave on its own.

We want to take this time to let you know that while there are spiders you want to be wary of, the most common house spiders are not dangerous. You may be concerned about your pets if they happen to get bitten or possibly eat a spider. With common spiders, you and your pet have the same low risks to worry about and monitor your pet if they happen to eat a spider.

Knowing When To Get Rid Of Spiders

Where spiders can become a nuisance is when you are dealing with an infestation. A few spiders can be helpful to control pests around your home, as they trap and eat smaller insects. However, having two spiders around the house is a lot different than having hundreds.

At Accel Pest and Termite Control we know that despite how harmless spiders can be, many people do not want to see them around their homes. So if you feel your home has too many spiders for your comfort levels, give us a call at (877) 716-7522, and we’ll make sure you do not have to wake up to see a spider crawl on your ceiling.