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Helpful Tips To Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your Home

27 Jun 2022 in Mosquitoes
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We all know mosquitoes as pesky little pests that cause an irritating itch and can potentially carry harmful diseases. It often seems that the mosquito population has a drastic increase during the summer, because it does! The increased outdoor temperature helps the insatiable insects pass through their life cycle more rapidly, causing more adults to lay eggs and more eggs to hatch. While it may seem as though these disease distributors outnumber you, our pest control experts have a few tips to help you cut down the mosquito population around your house.

Remove Standing Water Sources

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in slow-moving or stagnant water. By removing the sources for water to accumulate, you are drastically decreasing the potential for the population in your yard to continue to repopulate. Cutting down the mosquito population outside is also pivotal to ensuring that you will not have swarms of them following you inside.

Insect Repelling Plants

Some plants serve as a natural insect repellent. Lemon eucalyptus and lavender are highly recommended when dealing with large swarms. It appears mosquitoes do not appreciate the refreshing smell both these plants provide.

You can also try wearing perfumes containing these scents. These plants are a great substitute for bug spray as they serve as an all-natural insect repellent.

Call The Experts

If you start seeing mosquito swarms, seek the help of a licensed professional who specializes in mosquito control. They will treat your yard with insecticide to not only get rid of eggs and prevent them from hatching but also decrease the population of adult mosquitoes.

Run Fans At Ground Level

Rapid air movement confuses mosquitoes and can provide instant relief. What is the reason for this? Unfortunately, mosquitoes are attracted to chemicals and smells that the human body emits naturally. When our smells remain around us, we place a huge target on our backs, giving the uninvited insects a huge target to help them find us. When fans are ground level, they provide constantly moving air which breaks up our scent patterns and drastically reduces your risk of getting bit.

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