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Keeping You and Your Pet Safe From Pests

28 Oct 2022 in Pests
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For many people, pets are nothing short of a beloved family member. However, pets — especially pets that go outside frequently — can be magnets for unwanted pests like fleas and ticks. Fortunately, ridding your yard and living space of these pests will make your life easier and your pet more comfortable. Here are a few ways you can keep pests away from your pet.

Inspect Your Pet

After you and your pet return from a walk or finish playtime outside, make sure you check their fur thoroughly for any pests that may have nestled in without either of you noticing. Do this before you go indoors so the pests won’t get inside your house. Be extra thorough if your pet has played in tall grass or wooded areas, as these places are typically where pests lurk. If you see a tick on your pet, remove it completely with tweezers, making sure every part is gone.

Clean up

Pests will have a more difficult time latching onto your pets if you clean your pets toys, bed, leash and dish frequently. Make your house as clutter-free as possible and vacuum regularly. Tidy up your yard, as well, by cutting the grass and picking up any trash lying around. This will reduce the number of areas where pests can live.

Give Them Baths

Baths are a great way to keep your pets clean and comfortable. Wash their fur thoroughly to remove anything that may be causing them irritation. Also, try using a shampoo that can kill fleas and ticks. Cleaning your pet’s fur — being extra careful to remove knots and tangles — will not only liberate them from ticks and fleas that may be currently agonizing them but will also help to deter any other pests that may have hitched a ride on your dog or cat.

See a Vet

If the traditional methods have failed to keep fleas and ticks off your pet, then it may be time to speak to a veterinarian. This is especially true if your pet displays a change of behavior like a loss of appetite or increased fatigue, as this may be evidence of Lyme disease. Your vet can prescribe medicine to ease irritation, remove fleas and ticks, and ensure that no more pests will bother you or your pet.

When it comes to unwanted pests, you and your pet each have the same goal: to eliminate them. For the best interest of each of you, prepare a defense against pests and take the advantage before they have a chance to strike. If your Pet does become infested this hitchikers could spread throughout your home. If you are concerned about these unwanted pests spreading if this happens Contact Us.