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Stinging Insects You May See This Summer

28 Nov 2022 in Bees, Wasps
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Summer is here, and the warm weather brings more than family vacations and BBQs.

Wasps, Bees, and Hornets in Virginia

Different insects have various levels of aggression, but as a general rule, it’s best to stay out of the way of an insect that could sting and cause an allergic reaction.

Keep an eye out for these insects this summer:


Honeybees and solitary bees are an important part of our food chain and should be protected as much as possible. Bees will typically only sting when threatened, so if you stay out of their way, they’ll steer clear of you.


You can identify a wasp by its narrow abdomen and vibrant markings. Unlike honeybees, wasps don’t have hair on their bodies and are more aggressive than bees since they can sting more than once. Common kinds of wasps in our area include yellowjackets and paper wasps.

It should be noted that while wasps are more aggressive than bees, they still only sting when threatened. If you happen to run into a wasp, stay calm and gently brush it away. Swatting at the insect will make it feel attacked, and it will attack back in defense.


While hornets are a kind of wasp, they are a different species. The main difference between the two classes is size. Hornets are some of the largest stinging insects (remember the Murder Hornet?) and — like their wasp cousins — can and will repeatedly sting when threatened.

Common hornets in Virginia include the bald-faced hornet (although this insect is technically considered a wasp!) and European hornets. Their larger size means their stings pack a significant punch — they can be extremely painful. Those suffering from an allergic reaction or anyone exposed to multiple stings may have severe and even life-threatening symptoms.

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