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The 3 Spookiest Spiders in Virginia

16 Nov 2021 in Spiders
Types of spiders in Virginia

Virginia is home to 13 spider species, and each of them is creepy if you suffer from arachnophobia. There are even a few spiders so spooky that they can scare almost anyone, but there can be a big difference between looking scary and actually being dangerous. For example, spotting an unidentified brown recluse may not get your heart beating as fast as the three spiders listed below. Of course, being afraid of the brown recluse is actually justifiable because its venomous bite can cause muscle pain, vomiting and severe itching, so it’s a good idea to make sure you know what this spider species looks like.

Three Terrifying Virginia Spiders

1. Black Widow

It’s impossible to see the characteristic bulbous body and hourglass mark of the black widow without feeling fear. These venomous spiders are shy in nature, and they tend to do most of their hunting at night. Black widows usually live outside, but they will turn a dark, undisturbed portion of your house into their home if the opportunity presents itself.

Look for black widows in attics, basements and rarely used rooms. They’re most commonly found inside or near cardboard boxes, and they also like cluttered areas, air vents, rarely-worn shoes and dark corners. A single bite could cause abdominal cramps, muscle spasms, severe pain, nausea and, in rare cases, death. Your pets are also at risk, especially cats.

2. Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are often confused for tarantulas due to their large, hairy bodies. Most encounters happen outside in tall grass, leaf piles or under rocks. You may also find them in your garage, and it’s not impossible to get an infestation in your home. These spiders eat bugs, so they’ll only be attracted to your house if they can easily find prey indoors.

Wolf spiders prefer to flee over fighting, but they will bite you if cornered. This bite is usually harmless, although some people are sensitive to it. Pets are generally safe, but they could also have a reaction if they’re highly susceptible to the wolf spider’s venom.

3. Jumping Spider

Depending on your point of view, the jumping spider is either the freakiest arachnid or the cutest. They prefer to live outside, so most infestations are found around vegetation, not in the home. If they do get inside, they’ll want out just as badly as you want them to leave and will probably hang out near windows and doors.

Jumping spiders have venom, but they’re not considered a threat to humans. Pets will usually be safe too, but be sure to take them to the vet if they exhibit any unusual behavior or symptoms after a bite.

Keep Your Home Free of Spiders

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