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Why Year Round Pest Control is Essential

15 Oct 2023 in Pest Control
A snowy, icy roof

We have some bad news (followed by good news!), but pests are never going to leave you alone on their own. Why should they? Your home is warm, protected from the outdoors, and full of food. They want to be inside for all the same reasons you do!

That becomes a problem when they keep you awake and disrupt your life. On top of that, they often spread disease and can be harmful to you and your pets, especially in large numbers.

If this song and dance sounds familiar, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. No matter the time of year, pests are making a nuisance of themselves in households all across the country. As the seasons change, some pests come and go, but rest assured: you’ll always have some unpleasant visitors trying to make your home their own.

Fortunately, we’ve been there, and countless others have relied on Accel Pest control to be the solution they need in their most desperate situations. That’s why we feel qualified to inform you of this truth: year round pest control is essential, no matter who you are or where you live.

Take a deep breath. We’ll show you why it’ll all be okay.

Do I Need Pest Control Year Round? Why?

From the tiniest ants to the most rambunctious raccoon, mother nature is full of endless critters all around us. And we believe that’s fine, as long as they stay around, rather than inside our homes.

Because some pests will fall into a hibernation during the cold months and others become more active, you can bet you’ll have different rodents and bugs to deal with in the winter, summer, and everything in between. Without help, the only way to have no pests in your home…is to not have a home.

Not ideal, is it?

The Most Active Pests

Like we said, there are many, many pests out in the wild. We can’t possibly address them all at once, so we’re going to focus our energy on just some of the most active pests.

Winter Pests

A mouse next to its droppings and a chewed wire in a home.
Close-up mouse sits near chewed wire in an apartment kitchen on the background of the wall and electrical outlet . Inside high-rise buildings. Fight with mice in the apartment. Extermination. Small DOF focus put only to wire.

Winter pest control is valuable because of two words: rats and cockroaches.

You ought to invest in pest control in winter if for no other reason than because nobody is happy when they watch a rat, desperate to escape the cold, running through their living room, or a cockroach hiding among the dishes in your cabinet. The thought just sends chills through you, doesn’t it?

Rats and other larger rodents will do everything in their power to find warm resting spots full of food containers they can chew open, which is why you’ll find them raiding your cupboards, or why you might catch raccoons rifling through your trash at night (or even sleeping inside a trash can). Meanwhile, cockroaches are more than content to bunker down and start having tens, hundreds, thousands of baby roaches over the winter months, if you let them.

If you’re asking ‘do I need pest control year round’, we’re pretty sure that last image probably answers the question for you.

Summer Pests

Meanwhile in summer, while some pests might overlap, you have a couple others to contest with. We specifically mean wasps and ants. So many ants.

Nobody likes having either of these anywhere near their home. On the one hand, ants feel endless, and they get into everything. On the other hand, wasps can fly and sting you! Neither are fun to deal with, and both can cause incredible frustration for people who just want to get on with their summer.

With some tactically deployed year round pest control, you can set yourself up to discourage these pests from ever taking up residence around your home. Through both strong pest control treatment, as well as preventative practices like kitchen cleanliness, you can give yourself a fighting chance against these otherwise obnoxious little fiends.

How Do I Know if I Have an Infestation?

An ant infestation in a home.
Ants on the floor inside house. A path of colony black and brown ants. Many beetles eat on the floor in the apartment.

Obviously, depending on the exact culprit plaguing you, there will be different symptoms indicating an infestation, but some of the telltale signs always remain the same: namely, that you can often hear them (especially in the case of loud insects like crickets, or rats scratching at the walls), find their droppings along the ground or in cabinets, and of course, you’ll often see them scurrying about if it’s bad enough.

The moment you see two cockroaches in one day, you should take that as a sign that something is wrong, and it’s time to make a move—before things get far, far worse. Bed bugs don’t deserve even that much leeway. The moment you find bed bugs, you need to put them on lockdown with a powerful, thorough, efficient pest control treatment, like you’ll find with Accel.

Never Relent Against Pests with Accel Pest and Termite Control

At Accel Pest and Termite Control know the importance of vigilance. Pests never really let up, and so neither can we. As the seasons change, you’re just dealing with different pest problems. On their own, it never really goes away. If you’re a homeowner, you know what we’re talking about.

That’s why we invest so much time and energy into perfecting our craft. Not only is it what you deserve, but it’s what your home needs in order to stay on top of any potential pest invasions.
If you find yourself struggling against wasp nests, raccoons, termites, or any other mischievous critter, we want to offer a helping hand. You’ve suffered enough. Turn the problem over to a team who has made it their mission to give you the peace you need. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule a free inspection today so you can enjoy your pest-free living once more.