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If you are a home or business owner who is dealing with a pest or rodent problem, you need to trust that the team you're working with is the best. At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we don’t just believe we are the best pest control company in Virginia Beach , we guarantee your satisfaction. Our team members are highly trained professionals backed with over a decade of experience. All of this is at your disposal when you hire us to deal with your pest or rodent problem.

Termites and other pests are too destructive for you to deal with on your own. It’s imperative that you contact us for a free quote because the best way to make sure that you are rid of these pests is to have the professionals eliminate them for you.

Contact the professionals at Accel Pest & Termite Control today to schedule an appointment for quality pest control in Virginia Beach.

Professional Termite Exterminators

Termites are winged creatures that can become problematic for various reasons:

  • They swarm around your windows and doors before they find a way to enter. 
  • They get to work feeding on the wood sources of your house. 
  • They come into your home through tears in the screens or when you open your doors.
  • They are highly attracted to light sources.

Termites strike fear into homeowners because they are highly destructive insects that can seriously weaken your home. If it sounds hollow when you knock on your home’s wood surfaces, the reason may be that termites have been feeding on the inside of the wood.

Ant Control experts

Ants are another problem that homeowners dislike. In most instances, these pests are only a nuisance that is difficult to eliminate. However, carpenter ants are something like termites because they are also very destructive to wood sources even though they are not eating it. Carpenter ants search for wood sources that are damp or decaying so that they can easily dig tunnels. This gives them a place to build nests and reproduce the next generation. These nuisances are so small that they find their way into your home through the cracks.

You will be able to recognize that you have a carpenter ant infestation by examining any wood shavings that you find around your home. If these shavings are mixed with dead ants, these are very likely to be carpenter ants.

Professional Mosquito Treatment Virginia Beach

Our area of Virginia is one of the buggiest cities in the US which can unfortunately lead to many families and residents seeking shelter indoors. At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we don't want the annoyance of pests to prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. We are proud to offer mosquito treatment in Virginia Beach that will allow you to spend time in your yard in peace!

Mosquitoes are drawn to people who spend time relaxing outdoors. When a home's pest control problems lead to an increase in mosquito populations around it, a person can be bitten dozens of times in a short period of time. While the annoyance and itching bites associated with mosquitoes are enough to make a homeowner want to call an exterminator, the health risks that have been connected to mosquitoes make pest control essential.

Infected mosquitoes spread diseases when they drink the blood of an infected person or animal and bite another. Many of the diseases that have been known to be spread through insect bites have the potential to be fatal.

By removing any standing water and preventing water from pooling in the future, homeowners can keep mosquito populations under control. Mosquito repellents may help people to avoid being bitten while outdoors, but the only thing that can significantly reduce mosquito populations is a professional pest control company.

How effective is our mosquito service? We back it up with our 100% guarantee! Contact us today for a free quote for mosquito treatment services in Virginia Beach.

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5-star reviews
  • Excellent service!

    Tim is a great employee!! Very informative, professional, and great work . Highly recommend this company after our first service.

    - Liz M
  • Accel did a great job treating our house along with having on-time and friendly customer experience

    I really enjoyed my experience with Accel. The initial review of our house and follow up service call were timely and professional. Specially, the our service tech., Tim Jackson, was very knowledgeable and friendly to my family while he was treating our house. Thank you for the great customer experience.

    - Devon Heath
  • Exceptional Service

    I highly recommend this company! They have given more than 5 star service! The sales person and technichian David and Brandon explained everything in detail. I would use them for any pest control needs.

    - Regina