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Reliable Bee & Wasp Control

When bees and wasps choose to make your home their home, it’s time to call Accel Pest Control. Bees and wasp stings can be very painful or potentially even life-threatening for those with allergies. We caution homeowners to leave nests alone and call a bee & wasp control professional as soon as possible.

Our experienced pest control team knows how to remove these stinging pests safely and permanently. Eliminating a bee or wasp infestation on your own can be dangerous. Hiring professional Richmond bee & wasp exterminators to do the job is extremely important.

Call 877-716-7522 or schedule an appointment online for bee & wasp removal in Richmond, VA.

The Importance of Professional Bee & Wasp Removal

Rather than reaching out for professional help,, sometimes homeowners attempt to alleviate their bee & wasp problem on their own by purchasing commercially-available chemical sprays. However, not only do these sprays only offer short term relief from these pests, but they also can be dangerous for homeowners to use. Bees and Wasps are stinging insects that tend to react violently when provoked. The risk of being stung is high, so it’s important to reach out to a professional for them to utilize their specially designed equipment.

Benefits of Hiring Exterminators to Eliminate Bees or Wasps Include:

  • A professional exterminating team will be able to entirely eliminate the infestation problem without harming the bees or wasps.
  • A professional exterminating team will know what type of pesticide to use, in order to prevent potential allergic reactions.
  • A professional exterminating team uses protective equipment that is essential for handling the bee or wasp infestation safely and effectively.
  • A professional exterminating team has the knowledge and experience necessary to safely eliminate the source of the problem, to ensure that your home or business is entirely bee or wasp free.

Our bee and wasp exterminators in Richmond use eco-friendly pest control treatments to eliminate bees and other stinging insects from your property.