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Richmond Mosquito Control Services

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Residential & Commercial

Mosquitoes are so much more than just an annoyance – they are also carriers of some of the world’s most dangerous diseases. Richmond residents know how humid and buggy it can get in our area and understand how critical it is to keep mosquitoes under control. 

At Accel Pest and Termite Control of Richmond, our mosquito treatment protocol involves an inspection of your property to identify breeding sites, addressing risk areas around your home, and taking action to interrupt the insects’ life cycle and reduce their population.

Signs of a Mosquito Infestation

  • The sound of buzzing inside or outside your property
  • There are standing bodies of water in your yard or in your home
  • You notice mosquito bites on your or others on your property
  • You see mosquitoes during the day as well as the night time
  • You notice mosquitoes hovering over your food in your kitchen
  • You notice mosquitoes in shaded parts of your home or business
  • You feel like scratching yourself in the middle of the night
  • You live in a humid climate

Tip: Mosquitoes proliferate around standing water, so make sure to eliminate these areas around your property as best you can.

Call Now to Schedule Your Mosquito Elimination Service

Let our Richmond mosquito control experts treat a mosquito infestation in your home or business. Our mosquito treatment strategies consist of locating and eliminating the source of the mosquito infestation, to ensure the prevention of mosquitoes coming back to your property.  

Contact us today at 877-716-7522 and let us take care of eliminating mosquitoes from your property once and for all.