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Termite Warranty

If you’re planning on selling your home or buying a new one, a termite warranty may be requested or required. Even if a termite warranty isn’t required by your state, HOA, or real estate company, it’s a great idea for extra coverage against these incredibly common, destructive home pests. In either case, Accel is here to help.

What Is a Termite Warranty?

Like other warranties, a termite warranty is essentially a protection plan for your home, specifically against termites, guaranteed by a pest control company. Accel’s termite warranty involves our annual termite control service plan. Should you discover termites while your home has a termite warranty, our pest control experts will apply expert treatments. Termite insurance is a worthy investment, considering most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover termites.

Why Choose Accel for Termite Control and Termite Warranty?

Accel is the prime choice for termite control and termite warranties, given our technicians’ many years of expertise and friendly, personalized service. We’ve provided dependable termite control services to residents and business owners for over a decade. Because of our exceptional services, we’ve earned the coveted QualityPro accreditation, certifying our trustworthiness.

Get a Termite Warranty and Termite Elimination Services from Accel

Whether you’re undergoing the home selling process or simply want an extra layer of termite protection, Accel has expert termite control and termite warranty offerings to help you maintain a termite-free home. Give us a call or schedule an inspection online today for professional residential and commercial pest control services, including termite warranties.

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