4 Signs You Might Have Roaches

Many people consider roaches to be the creepiest, most disgusting and most loathsome insect that could invade their homes. Roaches are nocturnal, preferring to hide during the day and feed at night. When they feed, they spread germs on everything they touch. Roaches are suspected or proven carriers of a variety of diseases, including salmonella, E. coli, dysentery, staph and strep. They have also been linked to asthma in children and allergies in people of all ages. Recognizing the four major signs that roaches may be present can help you handle the problem before it worsens.

1. You See a Roach

Seeing a dead or live roach is an obvious sign that your home has been invaded by at least one roach. It is rare that only a solitary roach has made its way indoors, so there are probably dozens or hundreds more lurking in their hiding places. Seeing a live roach during the day typically means that the infestation is so severe that members of the nest have been forced to forage for food or find a new hiding place.

2. You Find Egg Cases

The egg cases of roaches are oblong, thin containers that can hold up to 50 eggs. Some types of roaches glue their egg cases in hidden locations, but others carry them around until it is time for the eggs to hatch. Look for empty or full egg cases on the shelves inside cabinets, behind or underneath furniture, inside books and in other areas that can provide a tight, sheltered refuge. You may even find spent egg cases on top of counters in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. You Find Roach Droppings

Roaches produce a considerable amount of feces. Depending on the size and the species, droppings may resemble coffee grounds, specks of pepper or elongated pellets. Roach droppings on top of counters usually signal a major infestation. With a smaller infestation, you are more likely to find droppings in the corners of cabinet shelves, under the refrigerator, inside books, under your stove, inside drawers and in any area where food is stored.

4. You Can Smell Them

Roaches can emit a musty, oily odor that is quite pungent. Some species use the odor for communication, and the more roaches that are present, the stronger the smell will be. However, the odor also comes from decomposing roaches who have died in their hiding places, roach feces and decomposing egg cases. The unpleasant smell tends to linger, and it can even alter the way that food tastes.

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