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6 Terrifying Pests from Around the World

28 Oct 2022 in Pests

Creepy Crawlers

Sometimes you want to relax at home, but the sudden rush of adrenaline from the feeling of numerous little legs crawling on your skin can keep you up at night. Spiders and roaches are awful to encounter; there is a reason we are instinctively afraid of creepy crawlies. What if we told you there were even more terrifying pests you could meet?

Asian Giant Hornet

If the name alone does not scare you, then you might be made of steel. The Asian giant hornet is one of the largest hornet species in the world, measuring up to 2 inches in size. While a bug the size of your thumb may not seem big to you now, imagine this thumb-sized creature is flying towards you and can sting you.

Did we mention that the Asian giant hornet can kill humans? These hornets typically eat other insects, but they will not hesitate to attack any threat if a colony of hornets feels threatened. The toxin in their stingers can cause allergic reactions in humans that, in some cases, resulted in death.


We know that sounds vague, but we just mean having an infestation of snakes. Sure a hoard of roaches can be scary, but imagine all the cockroaches replaced with snakes. Yeah, much more frightening. Well, depending on where you live, snake infestations can be quite a common occurrence.

In Australia, seeing snakes in the summer is not uncommon as they can search around homes for food. Leaving your dog’s food bowl outside might be a greeting card for a roaming snake. Depending on the snake you have in your home, you can be looking at something that bites hard or can kill you in a swift attack.

Camel Spiders

These nasty little creatures are found in desert climates like the Middle East or even the southwest United States. Camel spiders can grow up to six inches in length, and if that was not scary enough, these little jerks can bite very hard. While a camel spider will not kill a person, that does not mean getting bitten by a camel spider is any fun. Thankfully, most camel spiders will not be aggressive towards humans and will typically only attack if they are aggressively coming into their space.

Saddleback Caterpillars

These tiny chubby worms can look cute, with a pattern resembling a saddle across their body. However, despite looking adorable and funny, the saddleback caterpillar has tiny hairs across its body that can cause a severe allergic reaction if they puncture your skin. Think of a more powerful bee sting that can send you to the hospital. Rarely do these little bugs find their way into your home, but often you will find them hanging around your gardens.

Giant Centipede

Found across dry and humid climates, often in South America, the giant centipede is a horrifying sight given that it can grow up to 8 inches in length. On top of being massive, these creepy crawlers can live more than five years. Giant centipedes are pretty scary as they have been known to hunt bats, tarantulas, and even snakes, thanks to their potent venom. While giant centipedes focus on other insects, they will attack people if threatened. The sting of a giant centipede can be incredibly dangerous for humans, causing severe allergic reactions that lead to intense nausea, fevers, and even death.

The World Is Full Of Surprises

The list can go on with the number of terrifying pests you can discover. From giant beetles to flying roaches, or even spiders that can kill birds, there is no shortage of pests that are pure nightmare fuel. While these pests can be frightening, they shouldn’t intimidate you in your own home!

At Accel Pest and Termite Control getting rid of creepy crawlers and scary creatures is our job. So give us a call at (877) 716-7522, and we can help you sleep at night knowing no giant bug is going to sneak up on you while you sleep.