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Accel Pest & Termite Control Now Offers ACE Services!

21 Apr 2023 in
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Accel Pest and Termite Control is extremely proud to announce that our technical director, Jon Furdek, has received the coveted ACE certification! ACE is an extremely important and high-level credential, indicating an “Associate Certified Entomologist.” With today’s complex and specialized economy, it’s extremely important to have credentials to show what you’re capable of. With this credential, Jon Furdek has completed his training, passed a series of rigorous exams, and demonstrated his expertise and outstanding abilities in the field of pest management.

The ACE program is one of the certifications offered by the Entomological Society of America, a corporation dedicated to providing certifications for entomological trades and trade workers. They are widely regarded as the industry leader in certifications, offering the Board Certified Entomologist program as well as several other certifications geared specifically toward pest control professionals. ACE certification has become a benchmark for excellence and professionalism in pest management, and we’re extremely proud that a member of our team was able to complete this training, testing, and certification process.

What This Means for You

When you’re looking for the best pest management and control solutions in your area, you’ll likely have a choice of many different contractors. However, how can you differentiate which one is going to do the best job vs. one that may leave you with unsatisfactory results? This is the problem that the ESA has always sought to solve, and the ACE program is designed to offer a baseline credential program for those who do not have a college degree in entomology (insect science).

For pest control professionals, an ACE certification is a huge step in their career. Obtaining this certification is an indication that you have received an advanced level of training and education in the field, that you have demonstrated your expertise through a series of certification exams, and that you have obtained an applicator’s license from a local governing body. Think of it sort of like obtaining a degree, only in a highly-specialized field requiring years of stringent training and experience. In short, receiving an ACE certification means you are more than just proficient in your trade: you’re an expert with the skill to back it up.

For you and your home, having an ACE certified technician on the job means you’re receiving some of the finest pest control care and service available. They’ll tackle your problem with knowledge and insight that only a limited number of people are capable of offering, meaning they truly are the best around. It should come as little surprise that they’re renowned for longer-lasting and more effective services. Likewise, ACE techs are also mentors to other technicians on our team, imparting their skill and knowledge to those they work with so every customer benefits!

We’re extremely proud of Jon’s dedication to his trade and taking this huge step in his career!

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