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What Are Spiders?

Spider in web in winter

Seeing a spider scurrying across your home is never a pleasant sight. Even though most spiders are harmless, you don’t want to test your odds if it is harmful. So why not get the information you need to correctly identify and remove your spider infestation before it’s too late? Let our Accel Pest and Termite Control team guide the way.

How To Identify Spiders

With many species of spiders in the world, it’s very common to see spiders of different sizes and colors. There are, however, two constants among all spider species. One is that they are all arachnids and have eight legs. The second is that their bodies are composed of two segments. Additional spider characteristics include having three to four pairs of eyes. With the exception of some species, most spiders have poor vision despite the many pairs of eyes.

Why Do I Have Spiders in My Home? 

Spiders often find their way into your home through cracks and crevices along doors, windows, and other openings. Constantly on the hunt for food, the presence of other insects and pests dramatically increases the odds of spiders entering your home. Additional ways spiders can find themselves in your home include infested items such as firewood, plants, clothing, and other objects in basements, attics, and garages. 

Spider Prevention Tips 

You can take a few preventive measures around the home to protect against a spider infestation. Among these preventive measures are the following: 

  • Remove any open food sources.
  • Wipe off countertops and sweep floors regularly.
  • Seal exterior cracks and crevices.
  • Remove any webs in your home or yard.
  • Vacuum around your home regularly. 

Although these preventive measures can help, they can only do so at varying degrees. Even then, they are not one hundred percent effective. If you need the most effective results in spider removal, your best bet is to go to professional pest control services for help. With the right team of technicians, like those with Accel Pest and Termite Control, you can regularly have your home inspected and treated for spiders.

Spider Control With Accel Pest and Termite Control

Look no further than Accel Pest and Termite Control for the best spider control services for your home today! With over a decade of experience under our belts, our professional technicians strive to remove and prevent spiders from infesting your home. Don’t wait to let your spider problem worsen. Get started today by contacting us or scheduling your initial spider control service online!