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Portsmouth Pest Control

When pests intrude into your idyllic corner of Portsmouth, your life can become a nightmare. Termites, wasps and rodents are relentless. Some pests love to bug local residents by stinging and biting. Others simply damage your property and transmit nasty diseases. If you have a rodent or insect problem, Accel Pest & Termite Control has the answer. We employ experienced applicators who are trained to handle all pest problems. When you hire us, you know that the job will be performed by an expert.

Portsmouth Termite Control

Termites are one of the most dreaded pests found in Portsmouth and the greater Hampton Roads area. These wood-boring pests emerge from the ground and burrow into beams and significant structural components. They can cause extreme damage without your knowledge. Frequently, swarms of termites in the spring are the only indication that you have a termite problem. Unfortunately, this means that the colony already has a strong foothold. Our experts are trained to inspect local homes and treat infestations. We also offer moisture control services to protect your home from termites and other damaging pests.

Bee and Wasp Control

Bees and wasps are some of the most common household pests that we see in the area. These nuisance insects build nests in trees, under porches, in air conditioners and behind walls. When their nests are close to your home, any activity can set off a mass of aggressive defenders. For regular folks, a bee or wasp sting can cause extreme pain and numbness. For people who are allergic, a single sting can provoke a life-threatening reaction. If you've seen wasps or bees around your home, it's time to act before the nest grows.

Rodent Removal in Portsmouth

Rats and mice have a number of unpleasant traits. They are destructive. They transmit unpleasant diseases. They contaminate food, and they nest in inaccessible locations. Fortunately, our team has a host of clever strategies for dealing with rats and mice. We understand the behaviors of Norway rats, roof rats and common house mice. When in need of pest control Portsmouth VA, our expert use this knowledge to outsmart rodents and remove colonies from your home. As part of our exclusion plan, we will seal entry points to protect the interior and exterior of your home.

Portsmouth Pest Control and Extermination

At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we specialize in removing termites, rodents, insects and dozens of pests that are commonly found in Portsmouth, Southeast Virginia and Hampton Roads. When you need pest control Portsmouth VA, we will examine your property to identify pest problems and any underlying causes that make your home more attractive to certain nuisance species. 

Call us today, or use our website to request a free quote for any of our pest control services.

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